academy FAQs

Will my child be placed on to a team?
Sockers FC Wisconsin will make every effort to place all players that register for the Academy program on time, on a team with players of like playing ability. If the numbers for a team do not work out, the player will be placed on a traditional recreational soccer team and we will refund you the difference in fees.

Will my child get to be on the team they want or with the players they have played with before?
No friendships, car-pools, requests, etc. will be honored in regards to placement on Academy teams. Since this program is designed for the more serious soccer player, Sockers will make every effort to group players of like ability together on teams

If I have issues with the placement of my child, what can I do?
Contact the Director of Academy with your concerns.

If I have issues with the coaching of my child’s team, what can I do?
The first course of action should be a discussion with the coach of your child’s team at an appropriate time and place. If that discussion does not remedy your concern, then a discussion with the Director of Academy is the next step.

Can my player play up in age?
The Academy program, like all Sockers programs, is focused on the development of our players. If the player needs to play above the age to be appropriately challenged, the club will accommodate the move. The player will need to demonstrate soccer skills and abilities that are significantly above all other players in his/her age group. The player will have to show the mental maturity to function in a group of older players. Team coach, Director of Academy, and VP Select will have to approve the move up. Board approval is also required.