select U11-U19

program overview

Our select program targets players with a strong interest in soccer who have demonstrated good soccer skills and who are willing to commit to soccer as of one their primary extracurricular activities. Most of our junior academy players move on to our select program, as well as a good number of our best U10 recreational players. We aim to provide the most professional training program in the state, while at the same time, giving our players a fun and challenging environment as they grow up, where they can discover the achievements of hard work and savor the joy of the game.

We aim to satisfy the needs of strong players who enjoy the competition as well as outstanding players who want to play Division I college soccer. In most age groups, we have multiple teams at different levels. We utilize pass play with our players to give them as much opportunity to play at different levels as possible. We consistently rank in the top 5 clubs in Wisconsin, and our elite girls program typically ranks in the top 2 programs in Wisconsin.

Our select program consists of two stages. Our first stage, junior select, covers U11 and U12 age groups. We believe these age groups to be critical to individual player development, and as a result, junior select focuses on developing individual players’ skills, even if it is at the cost of team results. Our second stage, from U13 to U18, continues a strong focus on individual ball skills, and progressively increases the importance of tactics and team results along with the growth of the players.

As our players age, the practice and training needs of the two genders progressively grow apart; coaches who are very successful with teenage girls may well be suboptimal for teenage boys and vice versa. To allow us to provide the best possible training to each gender, our U13-U18 Boys and Girls teams currently report to different DOCs (Directors of Coaching).

The key to great development is great coaches and great DOCs. In addition to our regional DOCs, we have one Technical Director and several DOCs supervising different parts of our Select Program.  Our Select DOCs pool more than 80 years of coaching experience. Together, our coaches have more than 35 state championships, 5 Midwest Regional Championships, one national championship and several national runner-ups.

Our select teams play three and a half seasons, with an extensive winter program.  We consider it to be a key piece through which our players’ skills are forged. The Winter program includes both team practices and a coached and refereed futsal league at a nominal cost to players that is reviewed annually.  Teams have two to three practice sessions per week in fall and spring, two practice sessions in winter, and a game per weekend most weeks. In summer, players are offered a summer-long 3v3 league, along with several camps and clinics to keep them in good condition.  These summer offerings have additional costs.  Please pay attention to the web site and club wide emails for details.

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