winter program

Skills are forged in winter. An exceptionally strong winter program is essential to meeting our goal of providing the best programs in the Midwest for players of all levels. The program offering for Sockers FC Wisconsin Select and Academy players has two components,“Baseline” and “Additional”.  All activities are optional for our players, but they are recommended for players seeking to continue to lift their games to higher performance levels. in 2012-2013, our first year of the program, over 90% of our Select and Academy players participated.

We focus on making the Baseline component available and affordable to all players. For the Baseline Program, we strive to keep costs down and evaluate them annually. We strongly recommend that all players participate in the full Baseline Program, even if, for logistical reasons, they may not be able to make every practice. Additional Program activities involve additional costs.

Baseline winter program

Practices:  two weeknight practices a week from November through March for the teams, with their coach and teammates, 60 to 90 minutes in length each depending on age group and location. The practices are divided into two sessions, with session I in November-December, and session II from January through March. Costs per player will be determined annually and shared among all session participants. Players need to register for each session that they wish to attend.

Coached and refereed Futsal League: included as a part of registration fees.  The Futsal League runs weekends from January through March. There is no additional cost. Players need to register to the Futsal League.

Additional clinics and open play: the club has been known to offer free clinics and/or open play time for Baseline registrants based on site availability.  Keep your eye on the web site and your email for details – come when you can.

If you wish your player to participate but the Baseline fees represent a significant hardship, please talk to us. We do all we can to allow all of our players to participate in our Baseline Program.

additional winter program

Skills Futsal Clinic:  a Futsal clinic offering on weekends in winter is also often part of our additional winter programming.  Keep an eye on this web site and emails to membership for the times, places, and costs of this portion of our winter offering.

Brookfield Indoors Sessions:  the opportunity, on a team by team basis, to choose to play sessions at Brookfield Indoor Soccer Complex (BISC) also exists for our teams.  Costs for that activity are manged by the teams on an individual basis.

Brookfield Indoors Individual Sessions Registration: (Suggested only for Academy or the serious Recreational player) The club pools registrations from individual players, forms teams, and assigns coaches to play in BISC leagues.  Costs vary per session based on BISC’s cost structure.

program details and costs

Baseline team practices

Sockers WI rents indoor space to allow for each Select and Academy team to practice two nights per week with their coach.  This portion of the program is broken into 2 sessions:
1.    November – December
2.    January – March

There is a per player expense calculated to cover the costs for those sessions, based on the total number of Sockers WI players that commit to participating in a session. The higher the participation rate, the lower the total cost per player.
-    Example:  If 200 players commit to the November – December session the total costs to support that time frame will be divided by 200.

What are the expected costs? They depend upon how many players commit to the baseline Program.  In 2012-2013 total Baseline Program cost for a player committing to both sessions was $129.

Futsal League

The Futsal League is included in the registration fees for Select and Academy players at Sockers WI. It runs week-ends from January through March.  Games are played at a variety of sites on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the Sockers FC Wisconsin geography.

The league structure includes the following divisions (player mix may alter this structure):

  • High School Boys
  • High School Girls
  • U13/14 Boys
  • U13/14 Girls
  • U11/12 Boys
  • U11/12 Girls
  • U9/10 Boys
  • U9/10 Girls
  • U8 Co-Ed

Teams are formed by the coaching staff, based on signups within each age group so as to accomplish several goals within the league:

  • there is competitive balance between teams
  • Sockers FC Wisconsin coaching staff can coach and evaluate more of our players
  • Players can be exposed to more coaching styles and approaches

In 2012-2013 we had over 80 teams playing Futsal League.

additional clinics and open play

The club has in the past offered additional clinics to players registered for winter Baseline training.  In the future this offering may be in the form of a clinic or an open play period.  The club leverages its agreements with indoor sites to create access and will develop a schedule for this offering when its site agreements for the year are finalized.  Watch the web site for opportunities for more clinics or open play as part of your Baseline registration.

additional program: futsal clinic

Sockers WI places a premium on the development and maintenance of the technical skill sets of their players.  Futsal is a valuable tool in achieving that objective.  A Futsal clinic offering provided on weekends at multiple sites for age groups ranging from U5 – U18 is available in winter (there is a registration cost). The clinic has an intense program and some homework.  It focuses tightly on ball handling skills.

additional program: indoor soccer at Brookfield Indoor Soccer Complex

Sockers WI continues its partnership with BISC: indoor soccer is a team by team decision for any of the 3 sessions offered by BISC.  All costs to participate belongs to the players choosing to participate with their teams.  There is a $35 per player coaching fee added to the BISC sessions fees.  This fee carries the expectation of a solid 30 minute warm-up for the team, and the same top notch game coaching that is delivered by the Sockers WI staff during outdoor games.

additional program: (Suggested for Academy or serious Rec player) individual Brookfield Indoor individual registrations

This program is only suggested for Academy or serious Recreational players of the same age groups. For these players, the club takes individual registrations for Brookfield Indoor sessions and creates teams for these sessions.  We assign a coach to each team, and the session will be fully coached.  Brookfield Indoor leagues can be very competitive in nature, so it is important to understand that if you choose to participate. Price per coached session depends upon BISC base rate, and includes BISC player card (U9 and above) and team shirt.

Important note: program descriptions are open to change based on the needs of our players and the organization.