why choose Sockers FC Wisconsin?

There are many choices to play soccer in Southeast Wisconsin. So why Sockers FC Wisconsin? Because we offer the most complete choice in youth soccer in the area. Read on if you would like to learn more.


We will always strive to be one of the best soccer clubs in the nation, while never forgetting that our primary goal is to help develop our players into great kids of ALL skill levels. We will always put player development first. We will always listen to our members for opportunities to improve our programs.

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top club results

We consistently rank in the top 5 clubs in Wisconsin, and our elite girls program typically ranks in the top 2 programs in Wisconsin. We want to be among the best clubs in the nation, and one of the preeminent clubs in the Midwest. We aim high for all of our programs — and will continue to improve upon their success.

outstanding coaches

We count 5 experienced Directors of Coaching (DOCs) – more than any other club in Wisconsin. Our DOCs together gather more than 80 years of coaching experience across them all. Among them, they count a national champion and a national runner-up title, and 5 Midwest Regional championships. Several of them are Coaching or Athletic Hall of Fame inductees. Our outstanding coaches, together, hold 35 State titles, and have multiple Midwest Coach of the Year awards.

better training programs

Our training programs are comprehensive in nature. We have offerings throughout the calendar year and are most proud of the winter training program we implemented in 2012.

more affordable cost

Affordability for the highest level of quality is a primary goal for us: we want to provide quality access to soccer to as many kids as possible. We review our costs annually to provide as much value as possible in our offering.

our geography

We have three main geographical regions: Hartland/Waukesha N (North Region), Delafield/Waukesha W (South Region), and Oconomowoc (West Region). Our recreational and academy teams are formed by region and practice in these regions. Our Select teams are chosen by player tryout evaluations and practice sites are determined by roster make-up and team level.

a well managed nonprofit club

Our board is composed of members like you, focused on the soccer development of our players. Our board members are all hands-on, and each one of them leads specific activities for the club.  We gather member feedback both formally and informally, and use it to improve our processes. Any of our members can contact any of our board members to discuss what they like or don’t like about our programs and offer suggestions. We listen to our members and we strive to get better every year.

If you feel that we are a possible match to what you are looking for, then check out our programs!